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Unturned Command Share
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Command Kill
Command Syntax Kill [SteamID, Player]
Description Kills the specified player ingame.
How to Use Open the chat box to enter an Unturned command. To use the command, start with the character "@" or "/" before your command. Do not include the quotes. Press the "Enter" key after you have entered the command.
Example @Kill [SteamID | Player]

Other Commands

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Command: Player Moderation Command Reputation [SteamID, Player]/[Reputation] Gives a player some reputation. Player Moderation Command
Command: Player Moderation Command Kick [SteamID, Player]/[Reason] Disconnects specified player from the server. Player Moderation Command
Command: Player Moderation Command Admin [SteamID, Player] Adds the specified player to the list of administrators. Player Moderation Command
Command: Player Moderation Command Votify [Vote Allowed Y, N]/[Pass Cooldown]/[Fail Cooldown]/[Vote Duration]/[Minimum Vote Percentage]/[Minimum vote] Sets up voting. Pass/fail cooldown is the amount of time in seconds in which each player must wait to vote again. Vote duration specifies the duration of time that the vote remains active. Minimum vote percentage is the minimum votes percentage required for a pass, and minimum vote sets the minimum amount of people which must vote for a pass. Player Moderation Command
Command: Player Moderation Command Unadmin [SteamID, Player] Removes the specified player from the list of server administrators. Player Moderation Command
Command: Player Moderation Command Hide_Admins Admins will appear as if they are normal players. This allows recording of cinematic footage without admin labels visable to players. Player Moderation Command
Command: Player Moderation Command Slay [SteamID, Player] Kills the specified player ingame and bans then for 31,536,000 seconds (One year). Player Moderation Command
Command: Player Moderation Command Spy [SteamID, Player] Takes a screenshot from the target player's perspective and saves it on the admin's computer as "Spy.jpg". Player Moderation Command
Command: Player Moderation Command Ban [SteamID, Player]/[Reason]/[Duration] Bans the specified player for a reason and duration of time set by admin. Player Moderation Command

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Command: Player Moderation Command Kill [SteamID, Player] Kills the specified player ingame. Player Moderation Command
Player Kills Stat Tracker
Item: Item ID 846.0 Item ID
Total Kills Stat Tracker
Item: Keys 845.0 Keys
Commander (3 seats.)
Item: Vehicle ID 803.0 Vehicle ID
Total Kills Stat Tracker
Item: Item ID 845.0 Item ID
IFR Commander Top
Item: Shirts 15015.0 Shirts
IFR Commander Top
Item: Item ID 15015.0 Item ID
Commander Coalition Top
Item: Item ID 1423.0 Item ID
Commander Coalition Top
Item: Shirts 1423.0 Shirts