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Backpacks Items

Detailed help for Unturned item IDs along with spawn commands and example commands.
Unturned Item ID
Black Travelpack 245
Blue Travelpack 246
Green Travelpack 247
Orange Travelpack 248
Purple Travelpack 249
Red Travelpack 250
White Travelpack 251
Yellow Travelpack 252
Alicepack 253
Magic Cape 562
Halloween Cape 580
Wind Up Key 603
Vampire Cape 732
Blueknight Cape 775
Skater Skateboard 779
Squid Backpack 787
Headless Cape 797
Aprix Backpack 805
Bandit Backpack 811
Snow Shoes 820
Snow Sled 827
Wings 837
Fleece Cape 839
Artemis Shield 841
Harp 842
Athens Aprix Quiver 858
Athens Roman Cloak 859
Carpat Lastman Backpack 871
Leather Pack 1014
Spec Ops Rucksack 1170
Diving Tank 1178
Black Dufflebag 1182
Blue Dufflebag 1183
Green Dufflebag 1184
Orange Dufflebag 1185
Purple Dufflebag 1186
Red Dufflebag 1187
White Dufflebag 1188
Yellow Dufflebag 1189
Shark Fin 1496
Arctic Alicepack 1511
Irish Military Rucksack 15,501
Gray Backpack 0 16,507
Slavic Pistol Holster 23,509
Slavic Backpack Blue 23,521
Slavic Backpack Brown 23,522
Slavic Backpack Green 23,523
Slavic Backpack Orange 23,524
Athens Backpack White 52,011