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Barricades Items

Detailed help for Unturned item IDs along with spawn commands and example commands.
Unturned Item ID
Green Cot 1310
Orange Cot 1311
Purple Cot 1312
Red Cot 1313
Yellow Cot 1314
Blue Beach Chair 1315
Green Beach Chair 1316
Orange Beach Chair 1317
Purple Beach Chair 1318
Red Beach Chair 1319
Yellow Beach Chair 1320
Blue Umbrella 1321
Green Umbrella 1322
Orange Umbrella 1323
Purple Umbrella 1324
Red Umbrella 1325
Yellow Umbrella 1326
Book 1327
Note 1328
Maple Hatch 1329
Birch Hatch 1330
Pine Hatch 1331
Metal Hatch 1332
Plot 1345
Friendly Sentry 1372
Hostile Sentry 1373
Care Package 1374
Precision Charge 1393
Ghillie Netting 1396
Russia Ghillie Netting 1397
Cloth Mannequin 1408
Metal Mannequin 1409
Maple Plaque 1410
Birch Plaque 1411
Pine Plaque 1412
Metal Plaque 1413
Stereo 1466
Maple Placard 1467
Birch Placard 1468
Pine Placard 1469
Metal Placard 1470
Peaks Ghillie Netting 1500
Clock 1509
Raft Makeshift Vehicle 2021
Gyro Makeshift Vehicle 2022
Carpat Charge Thermite 23,007
Carpat Seed Cucumber 23,009
Carpat Landmine Tripwire 23,018
Kepka 23,510