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Loonie Item ID Share
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Unturned Item Share
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Unturned Item ID 1056
How to Use @give username/ID/Amount
@give Bob/3/5 would give you 5 Orange Hoodies.

@vehicle username/ID
@vehicle Bob/4 would spawn an Orange Offroader

@animal ID
@animal 5 would spawn a Bear.

@experience username/amount
@experience Bob/10 would give you 10 experience to use.

@teleport username/location
@teleport Bob/Seattle would teleport you to Seattle.
Example The command @give username/1056/10 would give you 10 Loonies.

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Gold Bowtie
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Mystery Box 12
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Coalition Captain Hat
Item: Item ID 1429.0 Item ID
Item: Item ID 766.0 Item ID
Official Top
Item: Item ID 3535.0 Item ID
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One Way Glass
Item: Item ID 1299.0 Item ID
Carpat Lastman Shirt
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Lockdown Magazine
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Corporal Military Top
Item: Item ID 3506.0 Item ID

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White Smoke
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Slavic Denim
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Kaiser Top
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Item: Item ID 82.0 Item ID
Yellow Anniversary Hat 1
Item: Item ID 712.0 Item ID
Dot Sight
Item: Item ID 146.0 Item ID
Tuna Sandwich
Item: Item ID 461.0 Item ID
Vampire Hunter Pants
Item: Item ID 794.0 Item ID
Cable Tie
Item: Item ID 1197.0 Item ID
Gold Anniversary Hat 1
Item: Item ID 716.0 Item ID

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Lieutenant Coalition Top
Item: Item ID 1421.0 Item ID
Arctic Ghillie Bottom
Item: Item ID 1513.0 Item ID
Shadowstalker Scope
Item: Item ID 302.0 Item ID
Yellow Cot
Item: Item ID 1314.0 Item ID
Purple Scarf
Item: Item ID 1137.0 Item ID
Crimson Beret
Item: Item ID 1141.0 Item ID
Schofield Clip
Item: Item ID 103.0 Item ID
Item: Item ID 342.0 Item ID
Desert Military Top
Item: Item ID 1011.0 Item ID
Metal Stairs
Item: Item ID 375.0 Item ID

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Item: Supplies 1056.0 Supplies
Item: Item ID 1057.0 Item ID
Command: Owner Command Loadout [SkillsetID]/[ItemID]/[ItemID]/… Give players each item when spawning. Using SkillsetID of 255 gives the item set to everyone. Can only be used in the server console or the servers commands.dat file. Owner Command
Purple Hoodie
Item: Item ID 157.0 Item ID
Military Boonie Cap
Item: Hats 3511.0 Hats
Green Hoodie
Item: Item ID 161.0 Item ID
Military Boonie Cap
Item: Item ID 3511.0 Item ID
Orange Hoodie
Item: Item ID 3.0 Item ID
Item: Item ID 1056.0 Item ID
Item: Supplies 1057.0 Supplies