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Nykorev Item ID Share
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Unturned Item Share
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Unturned Item ID 126
How to Use @give username/ID/Amount
@give Bob/3/5 would give you 5 Orange Hoodies.

@vehicle username/ID
@vehicle Bob/4 would spawn an Orange Offroader

@animal ID
@animal 5 would spawn a Bear.

@experience username/amount
@experience Bob/10 would give you 10 experience to use.

@teleport username/location
@teleport Bob/Seattle would teleport you to Seattle.
Example The command @give username/126/10 would give you 10 Nykorev s.

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Orange Parka
Item: Item ID 156.0 Item ID
Red Cot
Item: Item ID 1313.0 Item ID
Maple Doorframe
Item: Item ID 1083.0 Item ID
Small Birch Frame
Item: Item ID 1067.0 Item ID
Tank Cannon
Item: Item ID 1300.0 Item ID
Blue Anniversary Hat 1
Item: Item ID 707.0 Item ID
Metal Garageframe
Item: Item ID 1090.0 Item ID
Birch Floor
Item: Item ID 51.0 Item ID
Pirate Jersey
Item: Item ID 656.0 Item ID
Green Daypack
Item: Item ID 202.0 Item ID

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Item: Item ID 365.0 Item ID
Large Maple Plate
Item: Item ID 1058.0 Item ID
Pine Garage
Item: Item ID 453.0 Item ID
Kukui Nuts
Item: Item ID 756.0 Item ID
Athens Backpack White
Item: Item ID 52011.0 Item ID
20 Gauge Shells
Item: Item ID 381.0 Item ID
Spark T-Shirt
Item: Item ID 525.0 Item ID
Item: Item ID 1101.0 Item ID
Item: Item ID 1102.0 Item ID
Item: Item ID 424.0 Item ID

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Crossbow Iron Sights
Item: Item ID 349.0 Item ID
Horizontal Grip
Item: Item ID 145.0 Item ID
Bulldog Magazine
Item: Item ID 1371.0 Item ID
Item: Item ID 1261.0 Item ID
Military Nightvision
Item: Item ID 334.0 Item ID
Coalition Captain Hat
Item: Item ID 1429.0 Item ID
Arctic Military Helmet
Item: Item ID 1519.0 Item ID
Triangular Pine Roof
Item: Item ID 1268.0 Item ID
Maple Garage
Item: Item ID 450.0 Item ID
Jester Cap
Item: Item ID 601.0 Item ID

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Command: Owner Command Time [Number in Seconds] Assings current time. Owner Command
Command: Cheat Code Day Sets the current time to Day. Cheat Code
Item: Item ID 126.0 Item ID
Nykorev Box
Item: Item ID 127.0 Item ID
Item: Guns 126.0 Guns
Nykorev Box
Item: Magazines 127.0 Magazines
Nykorev Iron Sights
Item: Sights 128.0 Sights
Command: Cheat Code Experience [SteamID, Player]/[ItemID]/Amount Gives the specified player an item. Cheat Code
Command: Owner Command Loadout [SkillsetID]/[ItemID]/[ItemID]/… Give players each item when spawning. Using SkillsetID of 255 gives the item set to everyone. Can only be used in the server console or the servers commands.dat file. Owner Command
Nykorev Iron Sights
Item: Item ID 128.0 Item ID