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Unturned Item Share
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Unturned Item ID 331
How to Use @give username/ID/Amount
@give Bob/3/5 would give you 5 Orange Hoodies.

@vehicle username/ID
@vehicle Bob/4 would spawn an Orange Offroader

@animal ID
@animal 5 would spawn a Bear.

@experience username/amount
@experience Bob/10 would give you 10 experience to use.

@teleport username/location
@teleport Bob/Seattle would teleport you to Seattle.
Example The command @give username/331/10 would give you 10 Planters.

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Spec Ops Bottom
Item: Item ID 1172.0 Item ID
Upgraded Fishing Rod Blueprint
Item: Item ID 1433.0 Item ID
Hawaii Tee 0
Item: Item ID 768.0 Item ID
Red Anniversary Hat 0
Item: Item ID 705.0 Item ID
Raw Bass
Item: Item ID 1351.0 Item ID
Care Package
Item: Item ID 1374.0 Item ID
Item: Item ID 1000.0 Item ID
Item: Item ID 15016.0 Item ID
Czech Jersey
Item: Item ID 652.0 Item ID
Rocket Iron Sights
Item: Item ID 521.0 Item ID

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Carpat Video Card
Item: Item ID 23012.0 Item ID
Blue Toque
Item: Item ID 193.0 Item ID
Frying Pan
Item: Item ID 1030.0 Item ID
Item: Item ID 1057.0 Item ID
Pine Fortification
Item: Item ID 48.0 Item ID
Metal Circular Table
Item: Item ID 1291.0 Item ID
Maple Placard
Item: Item ID 1467.0 Item ID
Designer Jeans
Item: Item ID 548.0 Item ID
Athens Top 1
Item: Item ID 52005.0 Item ID
7x Scope
Item: Item ID 153.0 Item ID

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Canned Chicken Soup
Item: Item ID 78.0 Item ID
16x Scope
Item: Item ID 296.0 Item ID
Purple Anniversary Hat 0
Item: Item ID 704.0 Item ID
Captain Coalition Top
Item: Item ID 1424.0 Item ID
January 2017 Workshop Crate #1
Item: Item ID 753.0 Item ID
Civilian Nightvision
Item: Item ID 1044.0 Item ID
Item: Item ID 1283.0 Item ID
Brewery Bottom
Item: Item ID 15035.0 Item ID
Maple Wardrobe
Item: Item ID 1278.0 Item ID
BLT Sandwich
Item: Item ID 467.0 Item ID

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Lancer Rocket
Item: Item ID 3518.0 Item ID
Item: Item ID 1049.0 Item ID
Command: Cheat Code Experience [SteamID, Player]/[ItemID]/Amount Gives the specified player an item. Cheat Code
Item: Item ID 331.0 Item ID
Item: Barricades 331.0 Barricades
Item: Item ID 3517.0 Item ID
Item: Guns 3517.0 Guns
Lancer Rocket
Item: Magazines 3518.0 Magazines
Item: Barricades 1049.0 Barricades
Lancer Scope
Item: Item ID 3519.0 Item ID