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Unturned Item Share
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Unturned Item ID 846
How to Use @give username/ID/Amount
@give Bob/3/5 would give you 5 Orange Hoodies.

@vehicle username/ID
@vehicle Bob/4 would spawn an Orange Offroader

@animal ID
@animal 5 would spawn a Bear.

@experience username/amount
@experience Bob/10 would give you 10 experience to use.

@teleport username/location
@teleport Bob/Seattle would teleport you to Seattle.
Example The command @give username/846/10 would give you 10 Player Kills Stat Trackers.

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Police Vest
Item: Item ID 10.0 Item ID
Mystery Box 7
Item: Item ID 661.0 Item ID
Slavic JKG Top
Item: Item ID 23512.0 Item ID
April 2017 Workshop Crate Key #2
Item: Item ID 780.0 Item ID
Fishing Top
Item: Item ID 510.0 Item ID
Dark Blue Plaid Shirt
Item: Item ID 664.0 Item ID
Wind Up Key
Item: Item ID 603.0 Item ID
Gold Bowtie
Item: Item ID 25.0 Item ID
Yellow Trunks
Item: Item ID 1461.0 Item ID
Fire Axe
Item: Item ID 104.0 Item ID

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Birch Fortification
Item: Item ID 47.0 Item ID
Athens Top 0
Item: Item ID 52004.0 Item ID
Metal Doubledoor
Item: Item ID 1238.0 Item ID
Slavic JKG Pants
Item: Item ID 23513.0 Item ID
Item: Item ID 23529.0 Item ID
Orange Bedroll
Item: Item ID 291.0 Item ID
Admin T-Shirt
Item: Item ID 610.0 Item ID
Purple Sweatervest
Item: Item ID 219.0 Item ID
Triangular Pine Roof
Item: Item ID 1268.0 Item ID
Yellow Couch
Item: Item ID 1308.0 Item ID

Additional Items

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Item: Item ID 300.0 Item ID
Metal Ramp
Item: Item ID 377.0 Item ID
Item: Item ID 1118.0 Item ID
Blue Travelpack
Item: Item ID 246.0 Item ID
Chef Hat
Item: Item ID 239.0 Item ID
Carpat Police Pants
Item: Item ID 23517.0 Item ID
White Cap
Item: Item ID 431.0 Item ID
Magic Cape
Item: Item ID 562.0 Item ID
Magic Hat
Item: Item ID 561.0 Item ID
Item: Item ID 1366.0 Item ID

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Military Tracer Magazine
Item: Item ID 1177.0 Item ID
Military Tracer Magazine
Item: Magazines 1177.0 Magazines
Player Kills Stat Tracker
Item: Keys 846.0 Keys
Total Kills Stat Tracker
Item: Item ID 845.0 Item ID
Russia Tractor (1 seat.)
Item: Vehicle ID 138.0 Vehicle ID
Player Kills Stat Tracker
Item: Item ID 846.0 Item ID
Tractor (1 seat.)
Item: Vehicle ID 85.0 Vehicle ID
Fire Tanker (2 seats.)
Item: Vehicle ID 804.0 Vehicle ID
Command: Player Moderation Command Kill [SteamID, Player] Kills the specified player ingame. Player Moderation Command
Total Kills Stat Tracker
Item: Keys 845.0 Keys