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Shirts Items

Detailed help for Unturned item IDs along with spawn commands and example commands.
Unturned Item ID
Corporal Military Top 3,506
Sergeant Military Top 3,507
Sergeant 1st Class Military Top 3,508
Master Sergeant Military Top 3,509
Omega Hoplite Top 3,526
Omega Captain Top 3,527
Omega Battalion Leader Top 3,528
Omega Colonel Top 3,529
Omega Brigadier Top 3,530
Omega Uniform Top 3,533
General Top 3,534
Official Top 3,535
IFR Recruit Top 15,000
Irish Private Top 15,004
Irish Lieutenant Top 15,005
Irish Major Top 15,006
Asylum Top 15,011
Chainmail Top 15,012
IFR Officer Top 15,014
IFR Commander Top 15,015
Garda Top 15,020
Firefighter Top 15,021
Coalition Prisoner Top 15,023
Butcher Top 15,030
Fishmonger Top 15,032
Brewery Top 15,034
Gray Top 0 16,500
Gray Top 1 16,501
Gray Top 2 16,502
Slavic Shirt Classic 23,500
Slavic Shirt Invert 23,501
Slavic Hoodie Blue 23,502
Slavic Hoodie Brown 23,503
Slavic Hoodie Green 23,504
Slavic Hoodie Orange 23,505
Slavic Shirt White Dot 23,508
Slavic JKG Top 23,512
Carpat Police Top 23,516
Slavic Hunter Top 23,520
Slavic Open Hoodie Blue 23,525
Slavic Open Hoodie Brown 23,526
Slavic Open Hoodie Green 23,527
Slavic Open Hoodie Orange 23,528
Carpat Marauder Top 23,530
Carpat Gopnik Top 23,534
Carpat Tespy Top 23,538
Athens Top 0 52,004
Athens Top 1 52,005
Athens Top 2 52,006